First thing’s first – you’ll have to understand which type of shoe for you. Slimming down the various types of running shoes most commonly, you’ll find two basic kinds; shoes which are intended for cushioning and sneakers which are meant for controlling the movement of your foot.

A shoe that Controls the motion of your foot, or a “motion-control” shoe is usually employed for someone who over-pronates, has a very flexible foot, or normally has a lot of motion in their gait. They might get a lower arch, which can be quantified by stepping using a wet foot onto a piece of paper.

If you tend to put a lot of strain on the medial side, or Outside portion of your foot, you’ll be more likely needing a cushioning shoe. These shoes are supposed to encourage the organic motion of the foot, while providing it extra padding through the pressures of running.

Within each running shoe manufacturer, there are various levels Of support and motion control-type shoes. You could also realize that seasoned and well-intentioned salespeople, where available, will have opinions regarding some styles, brands, and types of shoes.